What Does Quality Mean To Us?

Quality for us at VIRINICA is not restricted to just the product that we supply, but in every step of our interaction with both our clients & supply chain partners. We are constantly striving to improve the experience all our partners have of dealing with us.

We take responsibility of ensuring the client experiences customer delight & our vendors enjoy the experience of working with us of bringing to the consumer a top-quality product time and again.


How we ensure Quality & Food Safety across the supply chain

We have a philosophy of being a lean, efficient company that focuses on its core competence of product/ concept development and delivery of the finished product to the client’s destination port. In order to achieve these objectives, we have an outsourcing model that is built around working with only those supply chain partners who are certified with the requisite food safety/ quality standards.

Our regular audits and in-depth knowledge of GMP’s helps us achieve optimal results in tandem with our supply chain partners and ensure that our clients get the safest product delivered on time!

How Are Your Projects Handled Differently?

  • Control of all critical parts of the supply chain, the rest is outsourced. 
  • Being Lean & Efficient thus helps us stay competitive & flexible for you!
  • Quality of the outsourced part of the process is also monitored by VIRINICA; nothing is left to chance.