We are Virinica...

We are a team with young, yet experienced heads running it with a cult like fervour driven by the passion to spread the goodness of this age-old beverage called tea world over. Along this ride what excites us is the knowledge we gain and spread, doing every small part of the process in an innovative way that separates us from the rest. Our knowledge, experience and most importantly our approach sets us apart; driven by technology as much by traditional techniques we bring the whole supply chain under one roof and ensure transparency. There is nothing more satisfying that giving India origin teas and herbs their rightful place on the world stage as not mere low cost but as high value products; thus playing our little part in nation building. The more challenging the projects, the happier we are!

We don’t do the same things as the rest, we just do it more innovatively ensuring a high degree of customer service & quality!

Knowing us will be fun we assure you and the time spent working together even more so! But until then all it will take is 2 mins to know what we do.

Indian Origin

We are a company based in India that believes in supporting the origin country first approach. We believe that India is one of the few tea/ herb value addition destinations that is almost entirely self sufficient and hence the perfect solution to private label projects of high quality & optimal costs.

We believe in leveraging the vast array of high quality Indian teas & herbs to come up with unique solutions for our discerning clients. By way of doing this we also create employment opportunities along our supply chain and put a sense of giving back to society in every product that we create.

So every time you deal with us you play a role in uplifting deserving stakeholders engaged in Nation Building!